The locations are as follows: [85.4 MB (89,592,320 bytes)] [108 MB (113,595,865 bytes)]

Since this is 5.10 based, it's not a relocatable version - it installs to C:\strawberry\ only. The intent is that Alpha 3 will be 5.12 based, and therefore, will be.

Two small bugs already found:
1) the README.txt file isn't as fleshed out as I like (or as Strawberry Beta 2's was) - it was a matter of running out of time before I realised my error.
2) SDL got installed into site - I had to pin the version and forgot to tell it the M::B directions for installing into vendor.

I'll flesh out the release notes and make a better announcement (with a section of dedicated to this) later today.

The plan is (and I think we'll make it) to have Strawberry Perl Professional Alpha 2 out for what I call Pioneer Day (July 24th, a week from today, otherwise known as Padre's 2nd Birthday. Me, I think it's gotten into the terrible twos a little early!)

Here is what will be included:

  1. All modules from Alpha 1 are updated.

  2. Most modules from current versions of Task::Kensho, Task::Moose, and Task::Catalyst are included. (a few do not build, or do things that Windows does not like.)

  3. Frozen Bubble is now included.

  4. Padre 0.64 is included.

  5. The CPAN Testers 2.0 toolchain will be included - you'll still have to go and configure it yourself, however. (I'd like Alpha 3 to contain a graphical configurator for CT2.0, as well as a few other things. Alias' wxFormBuilder work will help much here.)

Right now, I'm working on polish and verifying with stakeholders what modules should be put in or taken out.

If you have any particular requests, or any CPAN module fixes that need to go in, (icons for a few sites/programs would be nice) contact me now, because I'll be using the same minicpan that the Strawberry RC's will be using to build SPPα2, and the code for building it is at lib/Perl/Dist/, among other things, contains the list of modules that will be installed.



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