Well, there is now an alpha version of Strawberry Perl Professional up. I'm calling it Alpha 1 (as opposed to, say, " Alpha 1") because it's be built on top of Strawberry Perl [The January 2010 version.]

"Strawberry Perl Professional Alpha 1" includes:

  1. All graphical toolkits that I know about and can get to build easily (Tk, Wx, and Win32::GUI at the moment. OpenGL will be in the next version.)

  2. Graphical CPAN client (CPANPLUS::Shell::Wx) and POD viewer (Tk::Pod) *

  3. The Padre perl IDE, and Perl::Tidy, Perl::Critic, and Catalyst plugins for it.

  4. Moose and a number of MooseX modules.

  5. Catalyst::Runtime, Catalyst::Devel, and a number of Catalyst/CatalystX modules, including the Catalyst::Manual.

  6. A console Perl-language shell (Perl::Shell) - Devel::REPL may be in the next version. **

  7. Dist::Zilla, Devel::NYTProf, Perl::Critic, Perl::Tidy, BioPerl...

  8. ... and everything that's already in Strawberry Perl.

(Everything that's specifically in Professional is listed in DISTRIBUTIONS.txt)

One goal for the next release is to have Padre linked in as the default editor for .pl, .pm, and .pod files. This alpha is just to test the modules chosen and to shake things down - and maybe prod a few more CPAN module authors into getting their modules working better on Windows.

There is no release notes page for this build yet - that will come with the next alpha or beta, whatever I decide to call it.

There will be no 5.8.9.x version of Strawberry Perl Professional - It will only come in 5.10.1.x versions for the moment. It's taking me 4 1/2 hours to do one build of Professional, and I just bought this machine in October - anybody want to contribute to a second machine to start a build farm?

To download this version, go to the Strawberry Perl beta page.

I'm calling it an alpha because I KNOW some things do not work, and others may not work well.

In particular, CPANPLUS::Shell::Wx (the graphical CPAN shell linked from the start menu) crashes just after the splash screen starts. You, in particular, have been prodded. :) If you know Wx, send the author patches. (I'm going to start learning it)

* Devel::ebug::Wx [a graphical Perl debugger] would be nice to have, also, but Devel::ebug is not testing correctly at the moment, so I don't trust it enough to include it here. If you want it, apply tuits.

** I may or may not remove one of these before release. Depends on what is wanted and working well.

I had a documentation patch for Moose (actually in Moose::Error::*) and got walked through using git in order to commit through their repo quite nicely on irc://irc.perl.org/moose.

I know that my next patch for them will be to Moose::Manual::Contributing, however. (Nothing bad, just that it assumes you've been using git for more than 20 minutes in a few places. Is why I needed walked through it!)



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