There are 3 bugs that will be fixed in the rebuild. Two of those bugs are in the PPM support, (the third one is in the building) and the combination of them is serious enough to require a rebuild of the 5.12.0 versions of Strawberry Perl: - PPM installs html files to the root directory (instead of not installing them at all) - 5.10 repositories configured in 5.12. - 5.12.0 contains libperl511.a, not libperl512.a (this affects PAR-Packer)

Bug #43243 affects all previous versions of Strawberry Perl, but the proposed fix does not require a rebuild for 5.8.9 and 5.10.1. Instead, a distribution can be downloaded.

This package will also fix bug #57197 for 32-bit 5.12 versions, so feel free to install it there, too, until the rebuild arrives.

HOWEVER, 64-bit 5.12 versions don't have an "old-style" PPM repository that Strawberry can use, and the version of PPM that we have only supports old-style repositories.

So a true fix for those versions will have to wait until we can code (or have contributed to us) a version of PPM that can use new-style repositories. (see bug #57197 for details.)

Bug #57205 only affects, and is the bug that truly requires the rebuild - there is no way I can create a CPAN distribution that would work to fix it.

To download the proposed PPM fix:


Just run cpanp install at the command prompt and the fixed version will be installed.


If you have CPANPLUS installed, the previous directions should work for you as well.

If not, follow these directions instead:

ptar -xzvf PPM-0.01_03.tar.gz
del PPM-0.01_03.tar.gz
cd PPM-0.01_03
cpan .
cd ..
rmdir /s /q PPM-0.01_03

If people could try this and report back how well it works for them in the next few days, it'd be appreciated.
but we have a problem with the final release of

This is one of those things that "nobody told me about" until now, and I'm not blaming the person who finally told me.

The question is, which mailing list do I need to monitor so that I hear about breakage like this BEFORE I do a final build?

At any rate, the bug. It turns out that the version of ExtUtils::ParseXS I installed when upgrading the cpan toolchain was broken on pre-5.10.0 versions - which explains why Win32::Process would not build on 5.8.9 (It had been frustrating me for a month - since the buggy version got released to CPAN, it looks like.)

A development version HAS been released that fixes the bug, but no production version yet.

I'm rebuilding with the patch (the new download files will be called "", but will still identify themselves as in perl -V, just with 4 August 2009 build dates.)

If you're using the original, do this, and the breakage should be fixed:

C:\> cpan
cpan> look DAGOLDEN/ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.20_03.tar.gz
C:\strawberry\...2.20_03-xxxxxxxx> perl Build.PL --installdirs core
C:\strawberry\...2.20_03-xxxxxxxx> Build && Build test && Build install
C:\strawberry\...2.20_03-xxxxxxxx> exit
cpan> exit

(bold-italic text is what is typed, other text is where you type it at.)

You may wish to install IPC::System::Simple before you exit the CPAN prompt. That'll serve two purposes: 1) It tests that Win32::Process will indeed build with the fix installed (because ISS depends on Win32::Process) and 2) It allows system() to be autodie'd - which I couldn't include in due to this problem.



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