Strawberry Perl 5.12.1 - where is it?

Well, this time around, it's not going to be that quick. I've tested 5.12.1, and it builds, but that's not the only thing that needs doing!

This time around, I'm working on a "bug fix" round - getting rid of the small nitpicks, with not much real new functionality. So right now, I'm doing that. I plan on taking a week or two to do the bug-fixing, and you can expect the first beta (which will include 5.12.1) out on June 1st, if not sooner.

That way, I hope that the "July 2009" release round can be out around the first of the month, instead of the last of the month.
The rebuild was done a few days back. is now up.

Now I can concentrate on some documentation, and on Perl::Dist::Padre and the next version of Strawberry Perl.

But I needed a break for a few days, and my personal Perl code website at had been sadly neglected.

Previously, I had used a script on my laptop (since lost - the script, not the laptop) that used Perl::Tidy to do the formatting. The problem was, Perl::Tidy made some ugly HTML, and it didn't support having some of the links point back at an internal site. I had to run like 20 different regexes in my script, and they were different for every distribution. (I ended up deciding to store them in a YAML file.) Tedious work.

So I wrote a utility module that did what I wanted it to - to format Pod and syntax highlight Perl code into (X)HTML, and to do it in the same .html file, and to allow both internal and external linking.

That module has been released to CPAN as Pod::Simple::XHTML::BlendedCode. The repository for it is at - I wanted to experiment with Mercurial, and I think I like it! Less clumsy than Git as far as Windows support goes, too.

The syntax highlighting is done by passing code fragments to PPI::HTML, so it's described there.

The module should work on any operating system. The script I used to do the formatting, and 5 updated distributions, are now on the web site, and as I get around to it, I can process and upload a distribution in about 15-30 minutes. The only thing it doesn't do (yet) is create a fragment for the tree on the left side for me.
There are 3 bugs that will be fixed in the rebuild. Two of those bugs are in the PPM support, (the third one is in the building) and the combination of them is serious enough to require a rebuild of the 5.12.0 versions of Strawberry Perl: - PPM installs html files to the root directory (instead of not installing them at all) - 5.10 repositories configured in 5.12. - 5.12.0 contains libperl511.a, not libperl512.a (this affects PAR-Packer)

Bug #43243 affects all previous versions of Strawberry Perl, but the proposed fix does not require a rebuild for 5.8.9 and 5.10.1. Instead, a distribution can be downloaded.

This package will also fix bug #57197 for 32-bit 5.12 versions, so feel free to install it there, too, until the rebuild arrives.

HOWEVER, 64-bit 5.12 versions don't have an "old-style" PPM repository that Strawberry can use, and the version of PPM that we have only supports old-style repositories.

So a true fix for those versions will have to wait until we can code (or have contributed to us) a version of PPM that can use new-style repositories. (see bug #57197 for details.)

Bug #57205 only affects, and is the bug that truly requires the rebuild - there is no way I can create a CPAN distribution that would work to fix it.

To download the proposed PPM fix:


Just run cpanp install at the command prompt and the fixed version will be installed.


If you have CPANPLUS installed, the previous directions should work for you as well.

If not, follow these directions instead:

ptar -xzvf PPM-0.01_03.tar.gz
del PPM-0.01_03.tar.gz
cd PPM-0.01_03
cpan .
cd ..
rmdir /s /q PPM-0.01_03

If people could try this and report back how well it works for them in the next few days, it'd be appreciated.
Been a long few days, but Strawberry Perl April 2010 (why do I want to keep typing 2009?) is out.

Get it at

Two major things have been added:

1) There is a version of Strawberry Perl that can relocate on installation - the 5.12.0 builds. 5.10.1 and 5.8.9 will still be restricted to C:\strawberry\ or D:\strawberry\, depending on the file downloaded.
2) Additional modules and scripts have been added, and everything has been updated.

Plans for July 2010 (which will only include 5.12.1 and 5.10.1 builds - April is the last official 5.8.9 build) include a "thumb-drive-portable" 5.12.1 .zip file (instead of the current 5.10.1 thumb-portable), as well as a clean-up of all the reported/encountered bugs and polishing.

If MYMETA.yml support becomes universal, the build tools for Strawberry Perl will use it, as well.

I'll try and be around on irc:// for a few days to take and check bug reports, but otherwise I'll be taking a break until Monday. Then I'll start work on July 2010 (or a rebuild of April 2010 if major problems are encountered.)

Soon, I'll get the merge-module documentation up and on the site (I meant to do it for January, but decided to wait until April to get it announced and documented.)
It turns out that the custom actions for clearing the Strawberry directories of extra files on uninstall are still crashing on 64-bit machines, so patches will be required in order to bypass them for the moment.

The second RC will start building tonight or tomorrow, however.

(My family's computer went down 2 days ago - so when my brothers need to use a computer for online classes, or my sister wants to check her e-mail, they have to use this one. I've told them no games, however.)
... at least for the 5.10.1 versions.

It's not a problem with Perl, it's just a packaging bug.

It turns out that I forgot to update the code that generates the link to in the start menu to account for the fact that 5.12.0 is now on the front page of that site.

I realized it just in time to correct the code before I built the 64-bit versions, and I'm rebuilding the 32-bit versions of 5.12.0 so that they include the link, because they would not have otherwise. The correction is at (and I also had to copy a line I forgot to copy in revision 12043) for those who are curious.

I'm not going to rebuild the 5.10.1 versions (all 3 of them) for this, but if there are no other bugs that aren't already known found by, say, Wednesday noon my time (UTC 6pm), I'll rebuild the affected files, upload them to,, and (yes, we have a place to upload files there, too!), and announce the final release.
... are being uploaded as we speak.

Instead of listing all the filenames here (there are 11 30+ MB files to upload this time), I've put all the links on the beta page at for your testing and enjoyment.

As of writing this (6:00pm Sunday, UTC time):

4 of those files are created and uploaded
3 of those files are created, and are in my upload queue or uploading right now
2 of those files are being created at this moment
2 of those files haven't started the creation process yet (the 64-bit 5.12 RC's).

The release notes and other documentation will show up over the next few days as I get them edited.

Yes, we will get the April 2010 versions released before May, if all goes well! :)
Strawberry Perl April 2010 Beta 2 has been up for 2 days now.

This includes a beta using the final release of 5.12.0.

The reason I've been delaying an announcement is that there is a problem with 2 of the files. Specifically, the 5.12.0 .msi files.

In Beta 2, I added a C++ DLL (actually, added more code to the DLL that was already there) to do the relocation, instead of using the Perl script that was called in Beta 1.

Calling another program from an MSI is just a little fragile - the cancel button will not work while the other program is running, as far as I understand, and it can only report "yes-or-no" as to whether it succeeded back to the MSI (a DLL custom action can pass more information about where it went wrong back to the MSI if written correctly) - but since I had no reports, I have to assume that it was working fine for everybody. I really did not want to have those limitations to apply to a final release if I could help it.

At any rate, I tested the DLL twice (on a 32-bit Windows XP VM, and a 64-bit Windows 7 machine) before I built Beta 2, and it worked on my systems. But it's going into some sort of infinite loop on other people's systems, and it doesn't respond to the cancel button. And I didn't put enough logging information to be able to have other people do a logging installation to be able to help me find the problem. I was trying to work too fast to get this done, with limited time - I had been beating my head against a bug in passing the relocation information to the C++ DLL for 2 days, and then I had to play "whack-a-mole" with a few build problems for the next 2 days.

The decision I'm making is that the C++ code will still be there, I just won't use it for the April final. Instead, I'll make the build be able to switch between the Perl script and the C++ dll, and use the Perl script (that Beta 1 used, and that the .zip's use) for the April release .msi's.

After the April release, I'll contact a few people with an .msi that does more logging in the C++ dll, and see what the logs tell me is the problem, so we can correct this before July 2010 Beta 1 (which should be out in early-to-mid June.)

If you want to test the 5.12.0 version of Strawberry, use the Beta 2 .zip files, and read the README file in order to find directions on how to change Strawberry's location from C:\strawberry to where you want to put it.

If you want to try the local::lib helper that is installed with Beta 2, run llw32helper from the command prompt.

My apologies to everyone who tried the .msi's already.


Well, the final version of perl 5.12.0 has been integrated into the build process for a few days now.

The reason it hasn't been released yet is that there are a few final things I've been working on:

  1. A C++ custom action to do the "perl relocation" step. Beta 1 actually called the Perl script that the zip file will use - and while that's fast enough, it's not as robust as I'd feel comfortable with. I wrote it as a separate executable, it works, now I just have to connect the C++ code to Windows Installer, and that is not looking as easy as I expected... but it should be done today, if everything goes well. (My sister is moving out, and I'll need to help her today, too.)
  2. I've heard reports of crashes on 64-bit systems during uninstallation - I want to get on fixing that as soon as #1 is done.
  3. It's going to take 8 hours after those two things are done to build Strawberry Perl, and then 4 more hours or so to upload it.

24-36 hours, I hope (48 at the most), and Beta 2 will be announced here, and will include a 5.12.0 final.

This means that the April 2010 final version (not Beta 2) will be the last version of Strawberry Perl 5.8.9 built. It'll still be supported for a while (how long is up for discussion - I'm thinking until the October 2010 releases, myself), but I'd encourage moving to 5.10.1 or 5.12.x.

You CANNOT assume that sizeof(void*) and sizeof(long int) are equal and expect your module to compile in a Win32 environment with 64-bit (x64/amd64/Intel64, etc...) compilers - at least if gcc is the compiler that's being used with Perl.

The reason is that it isn't! sizeof(void*) == 8, sizeof(long int) == 4 in this case.

We have a tracking bug in Perl-Dist-Strawberry that we call "the bitness of the why" that tracks modules that we'd like to see fixed with regard to this and other 64-bit issues. It's at (non-logged-in) or (logged-in) if you want to look at it.

If you have a module that you expect to work on 64-bit Strawberry Perl, you should be able to install the 64-bit 5.12.0-RC0 beta, and try to install your module there. Some may already be - that means that they compile, and probably pass their tests. you++!

kmx is doing a lot of the work in this regard, and I thank him for it.
Go to to test them...

And I could use the testing, on many machines.

Yes, I know that one of the custom actions causes a memory access error on 64-bit machines. (I'll have to check if this is the case for all builds, or just for 5.12.0-RC0.)

Yes, I know that there is a cosmetic issue (strange characters) in an error dialog.

Anything else you find, PLEASE report.
Well, Strawberry Perl Beta 1 has been released, at least in the perl 5.8.9 and 5.10.1 incantations.

Speaking of 5.8.9, I'll build a D-drive version for final, but not for the beta testing. This is ONLY because 5.12.0 final is not out yet.

As for the 5.12.0-RC0 versions, I'm working on getting relocation to work with them, and have been playing "whack-a-mole" with small problems with it - the main one now being that some of the .packlist files have been left behind in previous versions of Strawberry, usually because I just picked up the modules with the wrong name, so Perl::Dist::WiX could not find the packlist. I've done this about 8 times in the past 2 days, along with going to my party caucus last night, helping my mother pack for a month-long trip, and the other etcetera of a normal life...

It hasn't been important in the past, but when I did the build to find out which files needed relocated, I used the .zip file to do it, not the .msi with the files missing. And no, I'd prefer that the .packlist files come along. inc::latest wants them now, among other things.

And each build takes 1 hr 40 mins to create, then move it over to another VM to run a logged install (msiexec /l*vi sb-msi.log /i strawberry-perl-5.12.0-RC1.0-beta-1.msi), then determine how to get the file in, etc... that takes a little time.

I just realized this morning that I can attempt to deal with all of them at once. How?

Well, to do that, I need to do one more build. One where I can give it a property to bypass the relocation script. (I needed to set a condition to run the relocation script on installs only, anyway, so I just added the property to that condition.) Then if there is still a problem, I run it a second time with logging off and that property set. I do a "dir /s /w /v > msi.txt", uninstall the msi, extract the .zip, do a dir on it with the same options, but redirecting with a different file.

At that point, I bring the two files back into my development VM, which has File::List::Object. I load them into two FLO objects, and subtract the msi one from the zip one, and print out what files are left over.

That's the missing file list, and I can nuke what moles are left all at once!

That'll take building one more build, then testing it on a Windows XP VM, then my Windows 7 host machine, building 64-bit a time or two and testing IT on the host machine (it may need nuke-a-moled just because I can't install all the Strawberry modules on 64-bit yet, and I may have missed excluding one or two from the list that's generated for a 64-bit build), and it'll be soon releasable to a suspecting world! Hopefully late tonight, but could be tomorrow.
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Well, as the Perl Foundation blog says, I'm working on getting relocation working, and it'll be a race to see what gets done first: getting relocation working, or Perl 5.12.0 RC0.

Once both are done, I'll release the first betas for the April cycle.

Right now, I've hooked in a "choose the location" dialog into the installer for 5.11.5+ versions, and I've just finished blocking the ability to install into a directory with spaces.

(Unfortunately, until I can safely run dmake (which I know does not work) and all the other modules in the toolchain that Perl relies on in a directory with spaces, I'm blocking the ability to install into a directory with spaces. There is a code to get around it, if you REALLY want to know... but you have to ask me for it, and I can't support it if you do.)

The other "unfortunately" that's a problem is perl RT#73562, which is going to prevent 5.10.1 from being relocated if I don't get a patch I can use for it.
The last week or so, a lot of the work on Strawberry Perl has gone to making sure that what I'm calling the "gcc4" toolchains from the mingw64 project will work to build Strawberry Perl.

And it's looking like that will happen, as the two toolchains (a 32-bit one and a 64-bit one) will work, at least as far as building what's been called "Vanilla Perl" in the past is concerned.

There are three XS modules in current versions of Strawberry that have issues with 64-bitness that I know of so far. (Compress::unLZMA, Math::Pari, and Crypt::OpenSSL.) I may find out about more as I attempt to build Strawberry Perl.

KMX has built new versions of the libraries that some XS modules rely on (postgresql, mysql, libgd, libtiff, libjpeg, etc.) that should not have name conflicts with other DLL's on the system, and the 32-bit versions will work with both the gcc3 and gcc4 toolchains.

I'm attempting a 32-bit build tonight of Strawberry Perl with 5.11.5, gcc4, and the new libraries. After that, I'll attempt to do the same with 5.10.1.

Soon will also be a 64-bit test with 5.11.5 and the 64-bit "new libraries".

As I've previously stated, 5.10.x versions of Strawberry will be 32-bit only, and will stay on the current "gcc3" toolchain. They WILL use the new libraries - which will solve DLL problems that have sometimes occured when other programs have DLL's with the same name.

I've said in the past that we'd have a 64-bit version of Strawberry available for April. That will be both true and false, for I won't be able to release a non-beta version of 5.12.0 before April 30th (for that to happen, I'd have to have the perl 5.12.0 tarball available to build upon before April 2nd, and I don't think that'll happen, with apologies to the perl5-porters.)

There will be a 64-bit beta available soon - most likely by the end of this month. While I'm currently testing 64-bitness with 5.11.5, 5.11.6 will probably be available in 2 weeks, and I'll release the beta soon after that. There will be NO non-beta 5.11.x versions of Strawberry Perl - as those perl versions are practically betas themselves.

The intent is to have 3 or 4 beta test versions of Strawberry Perl for the first beta towards the April release:

  1. A 32-bit

  2. A 32-bit

  3. A 64-bit

  4. A 32-bit with the Professional additions may or may not happen.

Watch for the beta to come out around St. Patrick's Day, with betas a week or so afterwards.
The generation toolchain for Strawberry Perl Professional Alpha 1 has been released as CPAN modules if you want to see it.

They're all development versions (final versions of the modules will generate final versions of Strawberry Perl and Strawberry Perl Professional.)

To install the generation toolchain, type in the lines below:

cpan CSJEWELL/Perl-Dist-WiX-1.102_100.tar.gz
cpan CSJEWELL/Perl-Dist-Strawberry-2.02_03.tar.gz
cpan CSJEWELL/Perl-Dist-Chocolate-2.02_01.tar.gz

Of course, the svn repository is at*/

Well, there is now an alpha version of Strawberry Perl Professional up. I'm calling it Alpha 1 (as opposed to, say, " Alpha 1") because it's be built on top of Strawberry Perl [The January 2010 version.]

"Strawberry Perl Professional Alpha 1" includes:

  1. All graphical toolkits that I know about and can get to build easily (Tk, Wx, and Win32::GUI at the moment. OpenGL will be in the next version.)

  2. Graphical CPAN client (CPANPLUS::Shell::Wx) and POD viewer (Tk::Pod) *

  3. The Padre perl IDE, and Perl::Tidy, Perl::Critic, and Catalyst plugins for it.

  4. Moose and a number of MooseX modules.

  5. Catalyst::Runtime, Catalyst::Devel, and a number of Catalyst/CatalystX modules, including the Catalyst::Manual.

  6. A console Perl-language shell (Perl::Shell) - Devel::REPL may be in the next version. **

  7. Dist::Zilla, Devel::NYTProf, Perl::Critic, Perl::Tidy, BioPerl...

  8. ... and everything that's already in Strawberry Perl.

(Everything that's specifically in Professional is listed in DISTRIBUTIONS.txt)

One goal for the next release is to have Padre linked in as the default editor for .pl, .pm, and .pod files. This alpha is just to test the modules chosen and to shake things down - and maybe prod a few more CPAN module authors into getting their modules working better on Windows.

There is no release notes page for this build yet - that will come with the next alpha or beta, whatever I decide to call it.

There will be no 5.8.9.x version of Strawberry Perl Professional - It will only come in 5.10.1.x versions for the moment. It's taking me 4 1/2 hours to do one build of Professional, and I just bought this machine in October - anybody want to contribute to a second machine to start a build farm?

To download this version, go to the Strawberry Perl beta page.

I'm calling it an alpha because I KNOW some things do not work, and others may not work well.

In particular, CPANPLUS::Shell::Wx (the graphical CPAN shell linked from the start menu) crashes just after the splash screen starts. You, in particular, have been prodded. :) If you know Wx, send the author patches. (I'm going to start learning it)

* Devel::ebug::Wx [a graphical Perl debugger] would be nice to have, also, but Devel::ebug is not testing correctly at the moment, so I don't trust it enough to include it here. If you want it, apply tuits.

** I may or may not remove one of these before release. Depends on what is wanted and working well.

I included a development version of the wxWidgets libraries in the Strawberry+Padre builds, and it turns out that the development version causes Padre to crash upon exit.

Here's what to do about it, until Padre 0.57 is released and a new build is created:

rem These 2 lines delete the old version, just to be safe.
del /F c:\strawberry\perl\vendor\lib\Alien\
del /F /S c:\strawberry\perl\vendor\lib\Alien\wxWidgets\*.*

rem The next command should all be on one line,
rem and will install the fixed libraries.
perl -MPAR::Dist -e"install_par q("

rem This rebuilds the Wx perl connector.
cpan -f Wx

(The .par file has now been updated to use wxWidgets 2.8.10 instead of the 2.9.0 that was used.)

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  —William Yates, The Second Coming

I've got 3 release announcements to do:

  1. Strawberry Perl January 2010.

    It's been out for over a week - I really should start writing these release announcements beforehand. This is an "upgrade version" - The only new module is GDBM_File. There are a number of non-user-facing internals changes, however. Things just got too busy over the holidays to do the user-facing changes that were planned. is at:
    Other releases are mentioned at:

  2. "Strawberry Perl plus Padre" 0.56.

    This is the new version of what has been previously called "Padre Standalone". In this case, it's been updated to the latest versions of both Strawberry Perl and Padre.

  3. "Merge Module" for Strawberry Perl.

    We're starting to build a merge module that can be used in other Windows Installer packages. The infrastructure to do this was one of the things that got added to Strawberry Perl in this version.

    If you're wondering "What is a merge module?" - a merge module is a Windows Installer "sub-package" that can be included in other packages.

    More documentation about how to include Strawberry Perl in their own software will be posted within the next few days.

Plans for April:

  • Relocatability on install

  • "Strawberry Professional"

  • 64-bit versions

  • perl 5.12.x (assuming it gets released soon enough)

  • Non-admin installation and support

Usual location:

This one is close to the final version for January 2010.

It includes a ParserDetails.ini file (which was missing in October 2009) and also includes GDBM_File (which was requested for the Koha library software)

Please test this and report bugs, as we are getting close to the end of the month, and I intend to release the final version for January 2010 before I need to call it February 2010 if at all possible.

Special note: If your module is one that's in Strawberry Perl (see for a list) I will be pulling down the versions of your modules that will be included in Strawberry Perl on Tuesday at approximately 0800 US Mountain Standard Time (1500 GMT)

If your module has not been uploaded to CPAN by that point, and it includes a specific fix for Win32 systems, you'll have to e-mail me at csjewell at cpan dot org in order to get it in.

If I need to delay (or use a development version) because a specific fix is going to be arriving on CPAN after that time, again, e-mail me and we'll talk.
I just don't happen to be a "regular blogger" right now...

But I will mention that I've finally got January 2010 Beta 1 up.

There aren't going to be many changes - got distracted quite a lot over the holidays, and a lot of things just "aren't ready for prime time yet", but there are a few improvements.

To get it, go to , as usual.
.msi file (preferred)
.zip file

Note that you will have to uninstall the 0.45 version before installing this one. I'm verifying why this is the case.
The major additions to Strawberry Perl for October 2009 are:

  1. We now provide 5.10.1 instead of 5.10.0 (5.8.9 is still available, as well.)

  2. We now include DB_File, so that BioPerl will install.

  3. Module::Signature and Crypt::SSLeay are now installed, as well as other crypto modules, so that we have support for signing CPAN modules (and checking the signature of CPAN modules) and for https: web sites.

  4. We now include DBD::Pg and the Postgres client library, so that PostgreSQL databases can be used without any other software installed.

  5. We now separate Strawberry-installed modules from the modules you install. Because of this, future versions may be able to not have to delete all the modules that you install.

Of course, report any bugs you encounter with Strawberry itself, or any enhancements you'd like to see, to the appropriate places, and download it at

(Yes, I know the announcement is a week+ late - I've been busy getting stuff going for January already!)
There are a number of major things that are going to be added - some visible, some not - for January. This isn't in any particular order.

1) Toolchain updates - I plan to be able to update the toolchain to gcc 4.x for builds of perl 5.12.x, which should be coming out within the next 3 months or so. 5.10.x builds will still be with the current toolchain. This also includes the ability to have a 64-bit build of Perl - people have requested it.

Status: The ability to switch toolchains has been put in. We're working on getting a stable gcc 4.x compiler that can build both 32 and 64-bit versions.

Note that 64-bit and perl 5.12.x versions of Strawberry will stay as betas through the January release cycle - they will not become non-beta until April at the earliest.

2) Relocatability: The ability to install Strawberry Perl anywhere, instead of hard-coding the installer to c:\strawberry.

I've started on this, and what has been done is in the svn. I'll start work on this again after #3 is done.

3) Building Strawberry Perl as a msi merge module for use in other programs.

Status: In progress - 80%+ done as far as Perl::Dist::WiX is concerned. After that, I need to test this with Strawberry. This is inchstones number 4 and 5 in the grant.

4) Building off a git checkout. This was requested in p5p - and it's really a good idea - it'll make things easier for me when testing new versions of Perl.

Status: This is done and working as far as Perl::Dist::WiX is concerned. This may or may not be put into Strawberry, I haven't decided yet, and even then, I'd never release a non-beta version off a (non-tagged) git checkout.

5) Integration scripts (local::lib, .zip/environment variables, .zip/relocatability)

Status: Not started yet. #2 is a requirement for being able to get the .zip/relocatability one done, so all 3 will probably be done at the same time - proabbly late in November.

6) Ability to install Strawberry as a non-administrator/current-user-only.

Status: Barely started. Will work on this and #2 at the same time.

7) Add an option to load the README.TXT file and the release notes page at the end.

Status: Not started yet. Probably won't get done until after the relocatability.

8) Checking for other perl installations in the PATH.

Status: Not started yet.

9) Windows Explorer integration

Status: We're still discussing what exactly we want to do and how.
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(personally, is that really faith? But then, we are talking Perl here!)
RC2 includes Win32::ErrorLog (in order for one of the Geo:: modules to work), and the RC2 includes CPANPLUS 0.89_02, and RC2 includes CPAN 1.94_52.

The dev versions each fix a bug that we want to include the fix for in the October 2009 versions.

I'll be building a third release candidate within the next few days for the versions, because I forgot to make sure it included CPAN 1.94_52 (which has a bug fix that specifically applies to using a minicpan within Strawberry.)

The README file generation has also been corrected.

No other changes have been made.

At any rate, they're at the same place. Test thoroughly.
Here are the release candidate files - all wrapped up and ready to be tested to destruction. If there's a bug, let me know at

If there are no bugs reported in a week or so, they'll be the final versions. If there are bugs that absolutely need fixed before January, another release candidate will be created.

Yes, unfortunately, the "eternal uninstall" problem is still there in these versions - I haven't had time on the right computer to do anything about it. [That'll be late this week/next week, but I don't want to put a fix for that in a release without having it in a beta - I recall the problems I had with July's Beta 1 in that department, and I don't want the same thing to happen with a release.]
It turns out that Portable and the "vendor" changes butted heads and broke horns against each other, so that @INC was messed up and the portability code never got ran. :(

At any rate, I'm making a patching .zip available that replaces 2 files in the Strawberry Perl October 2009 Beta 2 portable .zip available at

The patch files provide a workaround for RT#50062, which should fix RT#50087, and it also adds the updated portableshell.bat that is mentioned in RT#49958.

(The README file mentioned in RT#49958 itself will be added in the next beta or the first release candidate, whatever happens.)

I know some people would rather I not use, but it was either that or patch the perl binary itself - and Strawberry tries to avoid that as much as possible. [We DO patch the modules in a few places, and we do patch the files that configure perl's build process - but we don't patch any *.c files.]

Considering the purpose of, however, I've decided that we'll end up patching perl in order to get the correct order and fix the relocation, however - if not for the final, for the January versions.
The Strawberry Perl October 2009 Beta 2 versions (, are now available at .

This release was built with an updated version of the builder modules than were used for the July 2009 versions ( of Strawberry Perl. In particular, there is now a link to the release notes installed when Strawberry Perl is installed, and non-core modules Strawberry Perl installs are now in /strawberry/perl/vendor/lib, instead of /strawberry/perl/site/lib.

Core modules that were upgraded after the decision to stop accepting changes for the 5.10.1 release of perl are included, and up-to-date support modules for Strawberry are included, as well.

DBD::Pg, Imager, GD, Net::SMTP::TLS, Crypt::SSLeay (so LWP can now handle https:// sites), and Module::Signature are included.

Current developer releases of BioPerl are now easily installable. (Just don't add SOAP::Lite as an optional dependency.)

Release notes for the betas are at: and .

Please report any bugs in the distribution to me, either on, or by e-mailing me - but before you do, check the release notes to make sure that it hasn't already been reported.
Since Strawberry Perl October 2009 Beta 2 (I'm skipping Beta 1 because of the beta 1 this time) is still not out yet (I was attempting to build it Thursday and Friday, and I'll try again tomorrow or Monday), I'll just do an "As seen on IRC" entry. Expect it early next week.

<apeiron> (though I echo the "use cpan already, dammit" position, considering the people who work on perl's toolkit are blessed with this thing called "clue")

<harleypig> We should petition God to open source the universe.

[Personally, I agree, but at least it has good documentation.]

<CSJewell> Strawberry doesn't need to include everything - or even everything that's commonly used. It DOES need to provide what is both commonly used and hard/annoying to build [and the libraries required], what makes it easy to install modules (pip, PAR, that sort of thing), and the prerequisites (and sometimes, what needs them as prerequisites) for the first two.

(OK, that last one is me. But it explains a point I need to make. Feel free to ask me to include your module or whatever in Strawberry. If I say no, it's probably because it doesn't fit the last statement, or it's not stable enough yet. And that doesn't mean I don't want it to WORK under Strawberry. I'd love that. It's just that Strawberry can't include all of CPAN - nor should it.)



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