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I've been remiss in posting this here - the Strawberry Perl beta has been updated for about 4 days now - but it's time to announce that the last beta for Strawberry Perl is now available.

I've gotten permission from Adam Kennedy to move the download page onto the Strawberry Perl site at http://strawberryperl.com/beta/, so July 2009 Beta 3 can be downloaded there. Support information is still at my personal site.

In addition to the improvements described on the download and support pages, I also changed the images used in the installer to higher-color images, so that people with better monitors and graphics cards aren't restricted to what I could put into 256 colors.

Along with that, I've updated Perl::Dist::Padre to use the same build process as the Strawberry betas (I'll put a dev release of the module on CPAN soon), and released a first beta of a Windows Installer version of Padre Standalone.

This distribution includes the modules updated from July 2009 Beta 3, the modules the Padre editor relies on, and the Padre editor itself.

It does not include any plugins at the moment, but those should be easy to install, as it is based on Strawberry Perl, and has the same capability to use CPAN and CPANPLUS.

It still looks like Strawberry (in fact, it installs in c:\strawberry, so please do NOT install this on top of Strawberry at the moment, or the other way around) and it does not have any additional links for Padre at the moment.

It is at http://perlide.org/download/binary/padre-standalone-

Support for the DISTRIBUTION is under the same rules as the Strawberry Perl betas.

Support for Padre is through the normal channels for the editor.



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