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Since Strawberry Perl October 2009 Beta 2 (I'm skipping Beta 1 because of the beta 1 this time) is still not out yet (I was attempting to build it Thursday and Friday, and I'll try again tomorrow or Monday), I'll just do an "As seen on IRC" entry. Expect it early next week.

(irc.freenode.org/#perl IIRC)
<apeiron> (though I echo the "use cpan already, dammit" position, considering the people who work on perl's toolkit are blessed with this thing called "clue")

<harleypig> We should petition God to open source the universe.

[Personally, I agree, but at least it has good documentation.]

<CSJewell> Strawberry doesn't need to include everything - or even everything that's commonly used. It DOES need to provide what is both commonly used and hard/annoying to build [and the libraries required], what makes it easy to install modules (pip, PAR, that sort of thing), and the prerequisites (and sometimes, what needs them as prerequisites) for the first two.

(OK, that last one is me. But it explains a point I need to make. Feel free to ask me to include your module or whatever in Strawberry. If I say no, it's probably because it doesn't fit the last statement, or it's not stable enough yet. And that doesn't mean I don't want it to WORK under Strawberry. I'd love that. It's just that Strawberry can't include all of CPAN - nor should it.)

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