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Well, the Strawberry Perl for Windows website has been up and advertising the July 2009 release for 8 hours now, and the release has been up for over 20 hours. It's time to announce that fact to the Perl community at large.

This IS the biggest change that has happened to Strawberry Perl yet, and a lot more has changed than just the installer format. The installer format change allows Strawberry Perl to do things that weren't easily possible before - such as allowing installation across entire organizations - and more will be possible in the next few releases.

To get it, just go to strawberryperl.com.

From the release page:

  • The largest update to Strawberry ever!

    • 4th-generation WiX-based toolkit Perl::Dist::WiX.

    • New .msi installer, allowing numerous improvements.

    • Installable across entire organisations via Active Directory.

    • Uninstall now removes environment values correctly.

    • Uninstall now removes post-install CPAN modules correctly.

    • Start menu now has cleaned up and correct icons.

  • Big improvements to built-in modules.

    • All Perl 5.10.1 CPAN auto-upgrade features now included.

    • CPANPLUS is now pre-configured correctly (but not yet the default).

    • By popular demand, DBD::mysql is available in the default install.

Most dual-life modules are upgraded to their current versions from the CPAN, and local::lib is included in Strawberry Perl now.

The .msi installers will require that you are an administrator in order to install on the machine - they make global changes to environment variables and registry entries.

And yes, if you're wondering why Alias is not announcing it, it's because he's left it up to me (Curtis Jewell, CSJewell on IRC and on the CPAN) to announce, and is making me the new maintainer of Strawberry Perl. That way, he has more time to code! I'll introduce myself in a blog post in the near future on csjewell.dreamwidth.org. Don't worry, the download locations will still be the same as before.



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