May. 8th, 2011

Been a nervous day yesterday, (my parents and my fiancee finally got the chance to meet) but I do have 2 pieces of Strawberry news:

One, the two smoke machines are building a random version of Strawberry every night, using the code at No, there isn't a place where the code so built is being uploaded yet. I intend on that, in order to provide a 'daily alpha' for those that want to try them.

What IS being done is that I (and one other person so far) get what the screen output of the smokers are doing as an e-mail. If you want to be on that list, just contact me here for now (I'll probably make it a mailing list eventually.)

One of the smoke machines also smokes CPAN, with the output from that going into the CPAN Testers Metabase per normal procedures (I'll be bringing up the other one soon, and making the current one smoke using 64-bit Strawberry 5.12.2 instead of the 32-bit Strawberry 5.12.2 it's currently using.)

Two, Noting that the smoke machines have been running successfully (when I download the files first - I run them in 'don't get the files from the internet' mode) for the past 3-4 days, even though a check has been added to the build itself that all files in the .zip get entries in the .msi (the cause of the crashes in the .msi's for 5.12.x lately is that there have been files missing) - THERE WILL BE A RELEASE SOON.

This will be the 'February' release. I'll try and get a beta of out after this is done, but with the release process for perl the way it is (with only one month between .0 and .1), we may end up waiting until for a non-beta.

I'm going to release-candidate mode as of this point, and the links to the builds will be here and on the perl-win32 list, as well as e-mailed to the 'private list' of interested people I have once they're built and uploaded (which should be Monday night/Tuesday morning, hopefully)

I'm locking down the minicpan I'll use for the builds to be the one I pull MONDAY, the 9th at 1700 UTC (11am US Mountain Daylight time) - my automated pulling for the smoke machines does it at my 11am, I'll just copy off the contents of Monday's pull. will be the LAST 5.10 build built. No more updates for 5.10 Strawberry, it's done, stick a fork in it!



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