Apr. 25th, 2010

... are being uploaded as we speak.

Instead of listing all the filenames here (there are 11 30+ MB files to upload this time), I've put all the links on the beta page at http://strawberryperl.com/beta/ for your testing and enjoyment.

As of writing this (6:00pm Sunday, UTC time):

4 of those files are created and uploaded
3 of those files are created, and are in my upload queue or uploading right now
2 of those files are being created at this moment
2 of those files haven't started the creation process yet (the 64-bit 5.12 RC's).

The release notes and other documentation will show up over the next few days as I get them edited.

Yes, we will get the April 2010 versions released before May, if all goes well! :)
... at least for the 5.10.1 versions.

It's not a problem with Perl, it's just a packaging bug.

It turns out that I forgot to update the code that generates the link to perldoc.perl.org in the start menu to account for the fact that 5.12.0 is now on the front page of that site.

I realized it just in time to correct the code before I built the 64-bit versions, and I'm rebuilding the 32-bit versions of 5.12.0 so that they include the link, because they would not have otherwise. The correction is at http://fisheye2.atlassian.com/changelog/cpan/?cs=12042 (and I also had to copy a line I forgot to copy in revision 12043) for those who are curious.

I'm not going to rebuild the 5.10.1 versions (all 3 of them) for this, but if there are no other bugs that aren't already known found by, say, Wednesday noon my time (UTC 6pm), I'll rebuild the affected files, upload them to strawberryperl.com, code.google.com, and ohloh.com (yes, we have a place to upload files there, too!), and announce the final release.



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