Apr. 21st, 2010

Strawberry Perl April 2010 Beta 2 has been up for 2 days now.

This includes a beta using the final release of 5.12.0.

The reason I've been delaying an announcement is that there is a problem with 2 of the files. Specifically, the 5.12.0 .msi files.

In Beta 2, I added a C++ DLL (actually, added more code to the DLL that was already there) to do the relocation, instead of using the Perl script that was called in Beta 1.

Calling another program from an MSI is just a little fragile - the cancel button will not work while the other program is running, as far as I understand, and it can only report "yes-or-no" as to whether it succeeded back to the MSI (a DLL custom action can pass more information about where it went wrong back to the MSI if written correctly) - but since I had no reports, I have to assume that it was working fine for everybody. I really did not want to have those limitations to apply to a final release if I could help it.

At any rate, I tested the DLL twice (on a 32-bit Windows XP VM, and a 64-bit Windows 7 machine) before I built Beta 2, and it worked on my systems. But it's going into some sort of infinite loop on other people's systems, and it doesn't respond to the cancel button. And I didn't put enough logging information to be able to have other people do a logging installation to be able to help me find the problem. I was trying to work too fast to get this done, with limited time - I had been beating my head against a bug in passing the relocation information to the C++ DLL for 2 days, and then I had to play "whack-a-mole" with a few build problems for the next 2 days.

The decision I'm making is that the C++ code will still be there, I just won't use it for the April final. Instead, I'll make the build be able to switch between the Perl script and the C++ dll, and use the Perl script (that Beta 1 used, and that the .zip's use) for the April release .msi's.

After the April release, I'll contact a few people with an .msi that does more logging in the C++ dll, and see what the logs tell me is the problem, so we can correct this before July 2010 Beta 1 (which should be out in early-to-mid June.)

If you want to test the 5.12.0 version of Strawberry, use the Beta 2 .zip files, and read the README file in order to find directions on how to change Strawberry's location from C:\strawberry to where you want to put it.

If you want to try the local::lib helper that is installed with Beta 2, run llw32helper from the command prompt.

My apologies to everyone who tried the .msi's already.



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