Mar. 24th, 2010

Well, Strawberry Perl Beta 1 has been released, at least in the perl 5.8.9 and 5.10.1 incantations.

Speaking of 5.8.9, I'll build a D-drive version for final, but not for the beta testing. This is ONLY because 5.12.0 final is not out yet.

As for the 5.12.0-RC0 versions, I'm working on getting relocation to work with them, and have been playing "whack-a-mole" with small problems with it - the main one now being that some of the .packlist files have been left behind in previous versions of Strawberry, usually because I just picked up the modules with the wrong name, so Perl::Dist::WiX could not find the packlist. I've done this about 8 times in the past 2 days, along with going to my party caucus last night, helping my mother pack for a month-long trip, and the other etcetera of a normal life...

It hasn't been important in the past, but when I did the build to find out which files needed relocated, I used the .zip file to do it, not the .msi with the files missing. And no, I'd prefer that the .packlist files come along. inc::latest wants them now, among other things.

And each build takes 1 hr 40 mins to create, then move it over to another VM to run a logged install (msiexec /l*vi sb-msi.log /i strawberry-perl-5.12.0-RC1.0-beta-1.msi), then determine how to get the file in, etc... that takes a little time.

I just realized this morning that I can attempt to deal with all of them at once. How?

Well, to do that, I need to do one more build. One where I can give it a property to bypass the relocation script. (I needed to set a condition to run the relocation script on installs only, anyway, so I just added the property to that condition.) Then if there is still a problem, I run it a second time with logging off and that property set. I do a "dir /s /w /v > msi.txt", uninstall the msi, extract the .zip, do a dir on it with the same options, but redirecting with a different file.

At that point, I bring the two files back into my development VM, which has File::List::Object. I load them into two FLO objects, and subtract the msi one from the zip one, and print out what files are left over.

That's the missing file list, and I can nuke what moles are left all at once!

That'll take building one more build, then testing it on a Windows XP VM, then my Windows 7 host machine, building 64-bit a time or two and testing IT on the host machine (it may need nuke-a-moled just because I can't install all the Strawberry modules on 64-bit yet, and I may have missed excluding one or two from the list that's generated for a 64-bit build), and it'll be soon releasable to a suspecting world! Hopefully late tonight, but could be tomorrow.



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