Mar. 6th, 2010

The last week or so, a lot of the work on Strawberry Perl has gone to making sure that what I'm calling the "gcc4" toolchains from the mingw64 project will work to build Strawberry Perl.

And it's looking like that will happen, as the two toolchains (a 32-bit one and a 64-bit one) will work, at least as far as building what's been called "Vanilla Perl" in the past is concerned.

There are three XS modules in current versions of Strawberry that have issues with 64-bitness that I know of so far. (Compress::unLZMA, Math::Pari, and Crypt::OpenSSL.) I may find out about more as I attempt to build Strawberry Perl.

KMX has built new versions of the libraries that some XS modules rely on (postgresql, mysql, libgd, libtiff, libjpeg, etc.) that should not have name conflicts with other DLL's on the system, and the 32-bit versions will work with both the gcc3 and gcc4 toolchains.

I'm attempting a 32-bit build tonight of Strawberry Perl with 5.11.5, gcc4, and the new libraries. After that, I'll attempt to do the same with 5.10.1.

Soon will also be a 64-bit test with 5.11.5 and the 64-bit "new libraries".

As I've previously stated, 5.10.x versions of Strawberry will be 32-bit only, and will stay on the current "gcc3" toolchain. They WILL use the new libraries - which will solve DLL problems that have sometimes occured when other programs have DLL's with the same name.

I've said in the past that we'd have a 64-bit version of Strawberry available for April. That will be both true and false, for I won't be able to release a non-beta version of 5.12.0 before April 30th (for that to happen, I'd have to have the perl 5.12.0 tarball available to build upon before April 2nd, and I don't think that'll happen, with apologies to the perl5-porters.)

There will be a 64-bit beta available soon - most likely by the end of this month. While I'm currently testing 64-bitness with 5.11.5, 5.11.6 will probably be available in 2 weeks, and I'll release the beta soon after that. There will be NO non-beta 5.11.x versions of Strawberry Perl - as those perl versions are practically betas themselves.

The intent is to have 3 or 4 beta test versions of Strawberry Perl for the first beta towards the April release:

  1. A 32-bit

  2. A 32-bit

  3. A 64-bit

  4. A 32-bit with the Professional additions may or may not happen.

Watch for the beta to come out around St. Patrick's Day, with betas a week or so afterwards.



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