csjewell ([personal profile] csjewell) wrote2011-05-12 09:00 pm
Entry tags: & ('February 2011') Release Candidate 1 is up.

If there are no problems reported in 5-7 days, these will become the officially blessed releases of Strawberry Perl.

If you're not willing to test, go to strawberryperl.com and use the links on the front page (these aren't linked there yet, and won't be until official blessing.)

If you are, here they are! 32-bit:

http://www.strawberryperl.com/downloads/ 64-bit:

http://www.strawberryperl.com/download/ portable:

http://www.strawberryperl.com/download/ (32-bit only, installs to C:\strawberry)

http://www.strawberryperl.com/download/ (32-bit only, installs to D:\strawberry)


I'll work on the release notes and such over the next few days.

(Edited: corrected links)