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It turns out that we linked to import libraries, not static libraries, for DBD::mysql and DBD::Pg. This means that we have to include the relevant dynamic link libraries.

For DBD::mysql, all we have to do is add the one library. This we'll do with the versions of Strawberry Perl that we create later today and tomorrow, and this fix will be in the version of Padre Standalone (which is "on top of" Strawberry) that Gabor wants to distribute at YAPC::EU - I'm building it right now, so that he can get it in time.

The problem is DBD::Pg - its main library links to 9 others, including MSVCRT80.DLL and LIBEAY32.DLL/SSLEAY32.DLL. We can't just drop in the MSVCRT80.DLL, and there may be legal issues with including the other two - I'd have to check.

Because of the short amount of time, Adam and I have decided to pull DBD::Pg from the July release. I hope to be able to include it in one of the next two releases once I get the problems solved. (October 2009 or January 2010)

These will be the only changes to Strawberry Perl from the second release candidate to - hopefully - the final release candidate. (I'm using the same mini-CPAN that I built the two release candidates with.)



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