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The final portions of the Corporate, Embedded, and Multi-user Strawberry Perl grant have been completed.

There were three main parts to the grant:

1) A script that allowed the local::lib module to save its settings on Windows easily.

This script is complete, and is available from CPAN and has an SVN repository for future changes.

2) A merge module that allows other people to build distributions on top of Strawberry Perl.

The merge module started being generated with the January 2010 releases of Strawberry Perl, although I did not feel comfortable documenting how to use it at that time.

"Strawberry Perl Professional Alpha 1" and the "Strawberry Perl + Padre 0.56" installers both used this merge module.

It was improved for the April 2010 release of Strawberry Perl, and initial directions for building a "Strawberry Perl plus..." distribution using it are now available and at http://strawberryperl.com/documentation/building.html.

This portion of the grant was completed first, basically.

3) The ability to choose where Strawberry Perl was installed.

There was a bug found in Perl that needs fixed in order for 5.10.x versions of Strawberry Perl to be easily movable.

However, 5.12.0 did not have this bug, and the ability to choose where Strawberry Perl was installed was made available in the April 2010 release of that version of Perl.

This ability was improved for future releases. (April 2010 used a script and a hard-coded file list to do the relocation, due to lack of time to fix bugs in the relocation DLL, while future releases [including the July 2010 betas] will use a (now completed) DLL for the installer, and generate the list of files that need processing semi-automatically. A script is also available for .zip packages.)

The merge modules for 5.12.0 also incorporate this capability.

There are limitations to the location that can be chosen, but now the 5.12.x (and future) versions of Strawberry Perl can be installed on any drive, and can be installed in any directory path that contains no spaces and only uses a basic set of characters.

This was the main portion of the grant that was worked on after January 2010.

The current versions of Perl::Dist::WiX (1.200001) and Perl::Dist::Strawberry (2.10) that are available on CPAN will generate merge modules, or use them, when told to do so, and will create relocatable distributions when told to do so.

During the grant period, it also became possible to build Strawberry Perl for x64 processors. This has also been done.

I have had fun, learned a lot, and am very relieved.
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