csjewell ([personal profile] csjewell) wrote2010-05-27 10:54 pm
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July 2010 Beta 1 is now out...

I wanted to throttle Strawberry-chan's neck for a day or two there - a bug that got fixed in Moose revealed a few bugs in the Strawberry build toolchain - which just now got found and fixed. Took 2 days to find.

Again, beta site is http://strawberryperl.com/beta/ - what got fixed and added is listed there.

64-bit is being uploaded tonight, the other builds got uploaded a few days ago. Release notes pages, the updated toolchain, and that type of stuff will be up tomorrow, so don't be surprised if those aren't up yet.

This includes the first Strawberry build of 5.12.1, including a portable build.

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