Well, there is now an alpha version of Strawberry Perl Professional up. I'm calling it Alpha 1 (as opposed to, say, " Alpha 1") because it's be built on top of Strawberry Perl [The January 2010 version.]

"Strawberry Perl Professional Alpha 1" includes:

  1. All graphical toolkits that I know about and can get to build easily (Tk, Wx, and Win32::GUI at the moment. OpenGL will be in the next version.)

  2. Graphical CPAN client (CPANPLUS::Shell::Wx) and POD viewer (Tk::Pod) *

  3. The Padre perl IDE, and Perl::Tidy, Perl::Critic, and Catalyst plugins for it.

  4. Moose and a number of MooseX modules.

  5. Catalyst::Runtime, Catalyst::Devel, and a number of Catalyst/CatalystX modules, including the Catalyst::Manual.

  6. A console Perl-language shell (Perl::Shell) - Devel::REPL may be in the next version. **

  7. Dist::Zilla, Devel::NYTProf, Perl::Critic, Perl::Tidy, BioPerl...

  8. ... and everything that's already in Strawberry Perl.

(Everything that's specifically in Professional is listed in DISTRIBUTIONS.txt)

One goal for the next release is to have Padre linked in as the default editor for .pl, .pm, and .pod files. This alpha is just to test the modules chosen and to shake things down - and maybe prod a few more CPAN module authors into getting their modules working better on Windows.

There is no release notes page for this build yet - that will come with the next alpha or beta, whatever I decide to call it.

There will be no 5.8.9.x version of Strawberry Perl Professional - It will only come in 5.10.1.x versions for the moment. It's taking me 4 1/2 hours to do one build of Professional, and I just bought this machine in October - anybody want to contribute to a second machine to start a build farm?

To download this version, go to the Strawberry Perl beta page.

I'm calling it an alpha because I KNOW some things do not work, and others may not work well.

In particular, CPANPLUS::Shell::Wx (the graphical CPAN shell linked from the start menu) crashes just after the splash screen starts. You, in particular, have been prodded. :) If you know Wx, send the author patches. (I'm going to start learning it)

* Devel::ebug::Wx [a graphical Perl debugger] would be nice to have, also, but Devel::ebug is not testing correctly at the moment, so I don't trust it enough to include it here. If you want it, apply tuits.

** I may or may not remove one of these before release. Depends on what is wanted and working well.

I included a development version of the wxWidgets libraries in the Strawberry+Padre builds, and it turns out that the development version causes Padre to crash upon exit.

Here's what to do about it, until Padre 0.57 is released and a new build is created:

rem These 2 lines delete the old version, just to be safe.
del /F c:\strawberry\perl\vendor\lib\Alien\wxWidgets.pm
del /F /S c:\strawberry\perl\vendor\lib\Alien\wxWidgets\*.*

rem The next command should all be on one line,
rem and will install the fixed libraries.
perl -MPAR::Dist -e"install_par q(http://www.strawberryperl.com/download/padre/Alien-wxWidgets-0.50-MSWin32-x86-multi-thread-5.10.1.par)"

rem This rebuilds the Wx perl connector.
cpan -f Wx

(The .par file has now been updated to use wxWidgets 2.8.10 instead of the 2.9.0 that was used.)

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world...
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
  —William Yates, The Second Coming

I've got 3 release announcements to do:

  1. Strawberry Perl January 2010.

    It's been out for over a week - I really should start writing these release announcements beforehand. This is an "upgrade version" - The only new module is GDBM_File. There are a number of non-user-facing internals changes, however. Things just got too busy over the holidays to do the user-facing changes that were planned. is at: http://strawberry-perl.googlecode.com/files/strawberry-perl-
    Other releases are mentioned at: http://strawberryperl.com/releases.html

  2. "Strawberry Perl plus Padre" 0.56.

    This is the new version of what has been previously called "Padre Standalone". In this case, it's been updated to the latest versions of both Strawberry Perl and Padre.

    http://strawberryperl.com/download/padre/strawberry-plus-padre-0.56.msi http://strawberryperl.com/download/padre/strawberry-plus-padre-0.56.zip

  3. "Merge Module" for Strawberry Perl.

    We're starting to build a merge module that can be used in other Windows Installer packages. The infrastructure to do this was one of the things that got added to Strawberry Perl in this version.

    If you're wondering "What is a merge module?" - a merge module is a Windows Installer "sub-package" that can be included in other packages.

    More documentation about how to include Strawberry Perl in their own software will be posted within the next few days.

Plans for April:

  • Relocatability on install

  • "Strawberry Professional"

  • 64-bit versions

  • perl 5.12.x (assuming it gets released soon enough)

  • Non-admin installation and support

.msi file (preferred)
.zip file

Note that you will have to uninstall the 0.45 version before installing this one. I'm verifying why this is the case.
Six of them, in fact! :)

"Padre Standalone Plus Six" is being uploaded at the moment.

The location to download from will be:


[These links go through the CoralCDN edge-cache. If that's a problem, drop the last 2 parts of the hostname.]

The MSI version is up, plan on about 90 more minutes (6pm, Salt Lake City time) for the .zip version just to be safe.

What's included (and why the name is changed) is:

  • Strawberry Perl plus a few module updates

  • Padre 0.41 and its prerequisites

  • Padre::Plugin::Perl6 0.55 and its prerequisites

  • A test compile of Rakudo Perl 6 based on the Chicago release

Watch for a release of Strawberry Perl within the next few days, as well.
It turns out that we linked to import libraries, not static libraries, for DBD::mysql and DBD::Pg. This means that we have to include the relevant dynamic link libraries.

For DBD::mysql, all we have to do is add the one library. This we'll do with the versions of Strawberry Perl that we create later today and tomorrow, and this fix will be in the version of Padre Standalone (which is "on top of" Strawberry) that Gabor wants to distribute at YAPC::EU - I'm building it right now, so that he can get it in time.

The problem is DBD::Pg - its main library links to 9 others, including MSVCRT80.DLL and LIBEAY32.DLL/SSLEAY32.DLL. We can't just drop in the MSVCRT80.DLL, and there may be legal issues with including the other two - I'd have to check.

Because of the short amount of time, Adam and I have decided to pull DBD::Pg from the July release. I hope to be able to include it in one of the next two releases once I get the problems solved. (October 2009 or January 2010)

These will be the only changes to Strawberry Perl from the second release candidate to - hopefully - the final release candidate. (I'm using the same mini-CPAN that I built the two release candidates with.)
I've been remiss in posting this here - the Strawberry Perl beta has been updated for about 4 days now - but it's time to announce that the last beta for Strawberry Perl is now available.

I've gotten permission from Adam Kennedy to move the download page onto the Strawberry Perl site at http://strawberryperl.com/beta/, so July 2009 Beta 3 can be downloaded there. Support information is still at my personal site.

In addition to the improvements described on the download and support pages, I also changed the images used in the installer to higher-color images, so that people with better monitors and graphics cards aren't restricted to what I could put into 256 colors.

Along with that, I've updated Perl::Dist::Padre to use the same build process as the Strawberry betas (I'll put a dev release of the module on CPAN soon), and released a first beta of a Windows Installer version of Padre Standalone.

This distribution includes the modules updated from July 2009 Beta 3, the modules the Padre editor relies on, and the Padre editor itself.

It does not include any plugins at the moment, but those should be easy to install, as it is based on Strawberry Perl, and has the same capability to use CPAN and CPANPLUS.

It still looks like Strawberry (in fact, it installs in c:\strawberry, so please do NOT install this on top of Strawberry at the moment, or the other way around) and it does not have any additional links for Padre at the moment.

It is at http://perlide.org/download/binary/padre-standalone-

Support for the DISTRIBUTION is under the same rules as the Strawberry Perl betas.

Support for Padre is through the normal channels for the editor.



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