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There will not be a dev chat meeting today unless someone else shows up for me to talk to, because Mark and Fu are on vacation.

However, I will be around trying to hack on DW stuff for the next few hours, so come find me if you want to pick my brain about anything.

The next scheduled meeting time is on Saturday, September 6, at 12 pm EDT.
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I just updated LWPx::ParanoidAgent and Net::SSL on the Dreamhacks server - something that I've needed to do for some time. In the process about seventy bajillion other modules that they relied on needed to be updated, too (mainly to do with HTTP/SSL stuff) so the following modules (and any submodules included in their distribution) are now at their most recent (and the links given lead to the exact versions installed from CPAN):

23 different distributions in total )

As this is rather a lot of modules, some of which can be core to various things that the codebase does, you should restart your Apache if it's currently running; there may be errors otherwise. Also, it's possible that the update of these modules might somehow cause brokenness in some areas on the Dreamhacks server; please do comment here if that's the case (or open a GitHub issue).

(Please note: This only applies to brokenness on the Dreamhacks server. Nothing has changed on dreamwidth.org, so any issues there should be raised in a Support request as usual.)



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