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A few months ago, I started scheduling regular dev chat meetings in an effort to increase awareness of our development efforts and discuss how to deal with common issues we all face in the course of development.

I think a lot of good has come from these chats. However, over the last six weeks or so, participation has fallen way off, and I'm no longer convinced they can continue to serve a useful purpose in their current form.

If it's a scheduling issue, I'm happy to move it around to get more attendance. I've asked before for alternative times and gotten no responses. I had hoped that by scheduling it to occur at the same time every couple of weeks, that would allow people to plan ahead to arrange their availability to attend. If it would work better to poll everyone for a preferred time for each meeting, I can try that for a while.

If it's not a scheduling issue, I'd like to know why more people aren't showing up to participate. It was made clear to me in the discussion here that there was definitely a perceived need for something like this three months ago. Has that need disappeared? Should we be trying to meet it in a different way?

Basically I want to do whatever I can to help facilitate communication in the development community, but I want to make sure my efforts are having the desired effect. Please comment if you have any thoughts on the matter. Thanks.



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